Governor of Arcaneus


Dark hair turning to gray at the edges. Tightly cropped beard. Pink skin. Steel grey eyes. Scars on left leg, which has been amputated below the knee. Formal dress, well pressed suit, pant leg tucked and pinned neatly below the amputation. Sharp and alert facial expression that contradicts his gregarious manner.


Friends:Friendly with all on the council. Closest friends are his former adventuring party. Meleri a ship captain, a mage, and a former thief, now judge.
Family: Wife; Rowena Kids; Nia(f)5, Bledig(m)8
Born in Reme
Happy place: arcane arboretum
Fear: Disappointing his friends
Secret:magic equipment, personal horde.
Love:Rowena. Formerly had a tryst with Melari…but that is in the past.
Childhood Kitchen: smelled of government magi-meals
Wont toss out: mementos of time as an adventurer. old beat up sword and armor.
Lazy day:Don’t have many. If so, that time will be lavished on the kids.
Strong childhood memory: The legendary Paladin, Bledig, defeated Sioned the Storm Scourge of Umberlee when she came to Arcaneus.


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