Dragon God-King of the free city Cedrych Bryn


Cedrych is one of the dragons the innovated the notion that there can be an ownership interest in economic intangibles, like the manpower of a village, or the economy of a state. And that such things can therefore be part of a dragon’s horde. Cedrych is by far the longest lived and most widely known of these draconic philosophers.

Cedrych is known to commonly take three physical forms. His natural form is that of a massive, clear, crystalline, wyrm. He takes this form for formal events, military excursions, or in negotiations. In this form Cedrych tends to be his most focused and externally driven, using this form to impose his will on lesser creatures through his sparkling grandeur. In administrative matters Cedrych takes the form of a human male bearing the strong ethnic markings of the draigpobl, ruddy skin, broad face, wide nose and jaw. In this form Cedrych is amiable, if prideful, and usually undertaking some business that requires interacting with humanoids and not terrifying them. Other times, Cedrych is known to wander his Cedrych Bryn as a spotted dog of indeterminate breed. In this form he tends to sleep in the sun, hunt rats, play with children, and ignore affairs of state.



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