Michael the Silver

Silver great wyrm, formerly associated with the Empire, now leads the elvish underground.


Michael has a strong preference for living with mortals and enjoying the comforts of civilization. He is most commonly found in the form of a tall, adult male high elf with long straight silver hair, and sky blue eyes. The scent of rain follows his presence like a strong perfume. Michael tends to appear wearing elaborately embroidered gray and blue robes.


In the year Tiger 53 the Empire of the Sky entered it’s militant expansionist phase. Until that point the Empire had expanded with aggressive diplomacy. The stated goal was the unification of as much of the population under one government as possible in order to best utilize resources to survive the coming ice age. The imposition of Imperial government on foreign peoples was always a point of contention among the elves Michael lived with. When use of force became the method of imposing the rule of the Empire the pacifist elves, along with Michael fought against it. First by petition to the king and nobility, then by lobby, then by public protest. Eventually this dissent became characterized as a dissident movement which faced persecution within elvish lands. When the persecution turned into violence, Michael led the dissident movement overseas to lands unoccupied by the Empire.

Michael the Silver

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